Waste management

OdorOff offers a vast selection of products and services for odor removal in waste management. We offer suitable solutions for odor elimination in trash rooms and compactors, grease separators, septic tanks and smaller refineries.

Our customers

Ecomp Oy, Ecosir Group, Helsingin kaupunki/kiinteistölaitos, Hesburger, Katera Steel Oy, Kuopion yliopistollinen sairaala, Kymenlaakson Jäte Oy, Laminating Papers Oy, Lassila & Tikanoja Oy, WEG


Juha Moisio
Sales Manager
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Activated carbon filters

Cost-effective and efficient odor  removal

Absorption washers

For the removal of odors and particles

Absorption reactors

Fullscale odor removal

UV equipment

Minimal size, yet highly efficient solution for dealing with larger odor quantities

Combined solution

Combining different methods of odor removal to achieve the best possible results

Odor binding liquids

For removing odor from air, solid material and mass